Innovation Executive/Champion

Ensure organizational systems are in place to support the innovation initiatives they lead within their areas of responsibility. They are strong advocates and leaders of Innovation, its elements, a
nd benefits. This level teaches you how to incorporate innovation into your organization, support innovation efforts, and supervise innovation progress.

Who should apply?

Innovation Executives and thought leaders who have completed the Level 1 certification and are looking to support and grow innovation efforts in their organization.

Innovation Certification Level 4


• How to create an innovation support system within an organization
• Nominating and selecting Innovation Contributors, Practitioners, and Masters
• Providing coaching and support for innovation Masters, Practitioners, and Contributors
• Managing an innovation deployment and programs
• Enables others to learn innovation and ensures innovation efforts are aligned with business objectives

How to become certified:

• Be INNOAP Level 1 certified
• Attend 2 day Innovation Executive/Champion Workshop
• Pass online examination of 30 questions with an 80% score or above
• Submit the results of an innovation deployment from your organization, managing an innovation program aligned with business objectives – to be reviewed by INNOAP certification committee