The proposed Innovation Assessment is a questionnaire in 30 points, to capture and analyze he current status for innovation culture of your organization. The result of this analysis will assess your employee’s individual thinking style and perception towards the organization’s innovation goals.  The results are benchmarked against other organizations who have learned Innovation Process.

The INNOAP has completed hundreds of such assessments over years and that have guided companies to become aware of their initial innovation culture, potential innovation KPIs, potential innovation leaders, and existing innovation competences

By taking this questionnaire, you’ll be able to discover:

  • If your company is reactive or proactive on day by day busiASSESMENTness challenges
  • Who are your Innovation Change Agents, ready lead innovation in your company
  • What your company’s innovation confidence is
  • If there’s a sense of urgency to innovate in your company
  • How your innovation DNA compare to others
  • The dominant leadership style of your company
  • Highlights challenges for innovation within your organization


The assessment process


Phase 1:  You distribute a link to a short online assessment to a cross section of employees within your company.The questionnaire is distributed to your employees, either paper based or online
Phase 2:  You collect the results
Phase 3:  We issue the conclusions – with proposed action plan on how to boost innovation within your company.