Companies will need to transform quickly, in response to changing business environment, customer expectations, new disruptive technologies or business models.

This is why it becomes imperative to re-plan your strategies. Reports show that  fewer than 10% of companies have been able to sustain above-average growth for more than 10 years. Leading companies often catch transformational trends too late, or not at all, and pay a huge price for this

That’s why a systematic approach to strategy adapted to market trends drives our approach. Analyzing the busineconsultingss of our customers, we are able to answer questions like :

Is your business model still competitive ?

How will you handle disruptive threats?

How you implement an innovation process and how are you able to manage it ?

What’s your future business model, and how will you build it?

How can you align your management team around a robust innovation framework?

Consulting approach

INNOAP  has developed a unique approach to innovation deployment that is designed to deal with the increasing uncertainty that makes traditional planning tools increasingly ineffective.

To build a new strategy, we cooperate with customer’s teams to:

  • Analyze and anticipate disruptive forces and technologies.
  • Develop new business models
  • Prioritize and balance business and product portfolios.
  • Develop new mechanisms for resource allocation.