Having an international presence, covering the US, ASIA and EUROPE, we provide our clients with specific business solutions. This broad geographical coverage gives us the possibility to quickly identify and respond to new opportunities and trends.
Overall, the trend suggests that the changing market conditions now call for organizations to meet more refined and personalized customer needs.
In order to identify and deal with any impending problems, you need to be aware of any factor that can affect your business, and be prepared to respond and quickly adapt your strategy.

Today’s business world is all about competition, about being the best, the first, the smartest. Competitive jobs require more than basic knowledge for an individual to succeed, therefore you must demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and a mastery of your profession. Everyone is now looking for that breakthrough solution that will make their business more profitable, but not all of us know where to look for it. Most of the time the answer is right there. In order to see it, you just need to ask yourself the right questions.

Let us start with: “WHY US?”

  • INNOAP Certifications
    We provide you with a large offering of training solutions and certifications for individuals and organizations willing to make a difference in today’s business world. From the basics of Innovation to the complexity of Innovation Master session,  we can provide you with the information which you can further apply to your own business, whether in: Construction, Metals and Mining, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, any other type of service or product based industry.
  • INNOAP Partner Program
    We offer you various variants of partnerships, depending on the area of business you are in, or the products and services you provide.
  • INNOAP Affiliation Program
    We offer you the possibility to become an INNOAP Affiliate Training Associate and Examination Center.
    The INNOAP Affiliation is a statement that you and your organization are trustworthy, complying with best practices by meeting the highest standards on delivering international training programs and certifications.